New innovations in the area of oil production and results of geochemical surveys were presented at KAZENERGY Research and Technical Council chaired by Uzakbai Karabalin

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Wednesday, 01 June 2016 15:49

Participants demonstrated an interest in a presentation delivered by the Satpayev Kazakh National Technical University on new generation of energy accumulating substances and composites for comprehensive solution of crude oil production and transportation. The invention is  referred to the oil industry and scientifically to hydrogen energy. It is reagents based on activated aluminum designed to clean the wellbore area, oil field equipment and enhance the oil recovery. This invention was highly evaluated by experts and considered as promising and requiring further development.

Kaspimunaigas Research Institute’s presentation was also significant describing initial results of a geochemical survey of Kazakhstan’s geological basins. As a reminder, a year ago the Institute jointly with KMG National Company and Shell Kazakhstan Development B.V. established a geochemical laboratory. This facility has modern high-tech equipment capable to assess the natural environment by various indicators, determine the original type of organic matter, variation of genetic code of crude oil and rocks, etc. This is a low-cost technology to assist exploration and prospecting activities in the oil and gas industry and provide additional data on new potential HC deposits in geological basins of the country. The laboratory’s ultimate goal is to systematize the RoK Hydrocarbons Data Base and develop a national crude oil map.   

Geology and Subsoil Use Committee (Ministry for Investments and Development, RoK) representative  delivered a report entitled the Development of Information Systems in Geology. Currently relevant data is being supplied to the electronic archive and interactive fields map is upgraded (available on committee’s website). In the near future  will focus on forming of the national data base holding all information on the subsoil (auctions, licensing, documentation, investments) up to online signing of subsoil contracts.


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