The meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council was held under the chairmanship of Uzakbay KARABALIN, the Deputy Chairman of the KAZENERGY Association on July 10 this year. The representatives of the companies Plasma Research and Technology Center LLC, ATEK ASIA LLP, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating, VMP Research and Production Complex, EBSCO and the Association Members took part in it.

Opening the meeting, U. Karabalin, the Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Council presented the letters of appreciation on the 25th anniversary meeting of the STC to Council Members. Among the awarded, Baltabek Kuandykov – the President of Association of Petroleum Geologists of Kazakhstan NGO, Zhaksybek Kulekeyev – the Advisor to Director General of KazMunayGas RDI PDT LLP, Raushan Sarmurzinova – the Advisor to Deputy Chairman of KAZENERGY Association, Gennady Tarassov – the Managing Director for Innovation of Engineering Company Kazgiproneftetrans LLP, Lyaylya Kusherova – the Senior Advisor to Production Director of Karachaganak Petroleum Operating, as well as Anatoly Leontyev – the Advisor for the Government relations of the Republic of Kazakhstan of Shell and Wei Yuxiang – the Director General CNPC Kazakhstan BV.

The agenda included the issues related to the specifics of work in the oil and gas sector at the extraction sites. The experts presented new developments, achievements, and proposals according to the issue.

For example, Sergey Gorodetsky, the Director General and Alexey Miller, the Commercial Director of Plasma Scientific and Technical Center LLC, in his report “Technology of Direct Methanol Synthesis by Plasma Chemical Method from Associated Petroleum or Natural Gas at Production Fields” emphasized that obtaining maximum efficiency of the achievable process with increasing raw gas consumption, reactor pressure, power input, and replacement of the oxidizer with vapors, which requires the creation of a new pilot-plant equipment. Yevgeniy Alekseyev, the Representative of ATEK ASIA LLP, has presented the information on the monetization of associated petroleum gas resources and GTL technologies of Synthetic liquid fuel. He noted that this method allows processing of natural gas and a wide range of products, from ethylene to solid products.

Marzhan Urtayeva, KPO waste management specialist, has acquainted with the project on methodology for the secondary use of clay drill cuttings and utilization of ashes from a general-purpose furnace. Within the framework of the meeting Nikolay Karpeyev, the Commercial Director of the VMP Research and Production Complex, has dwelt on the problem of anti-corrosion protection of oil and gas complex facilities and energy using modern coverings produced in Kazakhstan. In addition, the President of the company said that the VMP Research and Production Complex jointly with the Kazakhstani investor decided to implement the project in Astana - the plant for the production of industrial anti-corrosion, refractory and polymer coverings with a high degree of automation and the applied laboratories complex.

Dusan Krstic, the Representative of EBSCO, has presented the information on the database that offers the information resources for the oil and gas industry.