Meeting of the World Petroleum Council. Day 3

Meeting of the World Petroleum Council. Day 3
WPC Council and Youth Conference of KAZENERGY and WPC

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The meeting of the World Petroleum Council was held on October 3 in Astana. The Council is the governing body of the World Petroleum Council which convenes once a year. The reports of the President, Vice Presidents and Secretariat of the WPC will be presented within the Council.

In addition, the conference of the youth committees of KAZENERGY and WPC will be held. Its purpose is to provide an expert consideration of the issue of intergenerational features through the analysis of education, employment, economy of confidence and diversity. The conference topic will serve as a tool that will make it possible to identify the distinctive features of different generations: people born in a certain period, their ability to learn, work in the world of VUCA, the economy of knowledge and confidence; to discuss similarities and differences, to understand and to accept the theory of generational values; to discuss the values of generations: their motivation, goal setting and development.

The key speakers will be: Evgeniya SHAMIS, Founder and CEO of Sherpa S Pro, Founder and Coordinator of the project “RuGenerations - Generation Theory in Russia”; Sayasat NURBEK, Goodwill Ambassador to National Geographic Kazakhstan; Dr. Andrew Wachtel, Rector of Narxoz University; Danagul BAIGULUNOVA, technical delegate to WorldSkills International and WorldSkills Europe for Kazakhstan; Dana ASHIMKHANOVA, Head of the Scientific and Methodological Department of “Youth” Research Center; Vitaly LI, member of Z Generation research group in Kazakhstan, Co-founder and Head of WeArt - social creative hub for teenagers.

In general, an extensive program of the World Petroleum Council is aimed at expanding cooperation between Kazakhstan and other countries on the topical energy issues, as well as finding new solutions for sustainable growth.

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