NCE “Atameken” and KAZENERGY, the operators of three large projects and the largest oilfield service companies have decided to synchronize actions on joint work.
On November 2, in Atyrau, a general meeting of interested market participants took place, where, as part of the discussion, it was decided to discuss the current situation on the development of three major oil and gas projects, in particular, the development prospects of KEP-1 KPO, FGP (NERP) TCO, Khazar, Kalamkas-Sea NCOC . The meeting resulted in a decision to unite the efforts of oil and gas and oilfield services enterprises in establishing long-term cooperation for the fair and efficient development of the oil and gas market. Operators, in turn, will be able to consider options for optimizing part of the costs through the unification of requirements as part of project planning.

“In 2016, in the oil and gas industry, the total volume of purchases of GWS amounted to KZT4.57 trillion, of which KZT3.38 trillion accounts for three major projects, or 79% of the total. For 2017, the total volume of purchases amounted to KZT4.82 trillion, the share of large projects - KZT3.33 trillion, or 69% of the total. If we develop unified technical standards, this will allow us to establish more efficient work between operators and businessmen. Such work requires a joint integrated approach through the creation of a single ecosystem and a platform for professional and advanced activities of Kazakhstani suppliers of GWS and oil and gas companies in order to discuss future needs for GWSs, technical solutions taking into account the capabilities of Kazakhstani and foreign companies, creating consortia and partnerships, and applying state support measures , exclusion of legislative and administrative barriers and the formation of various incentives in the development of local Holdings, etc.,” said Asset Magauov, General Director of the KAZENERGY Association.

The newly created Council for the development of strategic partnerships in the oil and gas industry will become a single platform that unites and synchronizes the actions of all market participants. This advisory and consultative association will coordinate the actions of numerous unions, councils and other alliances operating with the participation of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, NCE “Atameken”, KAZENERGY, PSA and other interested structures. The Council aims to improve work efficiency, eliminate duplicate actions and link different areas of business.

Speaking about the Kazakhstani content, the Council members see its increase in the revitalization of the Project Operators, foreign contractors, and directly the enterprises and companies of Kazakhstan.
During the meeting, Mr. O. Sultanov, Managing Director of JSC NC “KazMunaiGas”, Mr. S. Mukashev, Deputy General Director of “Tengizchevroil” LLP, Mr. Z. Marabayev, Deputy General Director of “North Caspian Operating Company”, Mr. M.Karimov, Deputy General Director of “Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V.” told about work plans with oilfield services companies and measures taken for the development of Kazakhstani content

In particular, Murat Mukashev, Deputy General Director of “Tengizchevroil” LLP, noted that the company has been doing a lot of work on developing Kazakhstani content for a long time: “Future Growth Project is actively involved in the creation of local partnerships between machine builders of Atyrau and Aktau for the organization of production for the manufacture (welding) of double pipe sections and the application of anti-corrosion coatings on them. The project placed an order (for welding and coating) on pipelines with a total length of 400 km and rendered special production support.”
Zarina Bakenova, head of GER at Shell Kazakhstan, in her speech expressed the view that “we need high-quality, ambitious management teams aimed at creating competitive goods and services, fair competition, developing national personnel and, of course, as always, committed to making their own work safe.”

During the last meeting, a number of participants were awarded Certificates of Merit and medals of NCE “Atameken” and KAZENERGY.
“Today it is especially necessary to note the contribution and efforts of people and companies to the scientific and technological development of the oil industry. Working daily with oil and gas and oilfield services companies, we see the efforts of individuals, they are well known throughout the industry, and I think our task is to note their merits,” said Assylbek Jakiyev, head of the executive committee of the Council, who is also the official representative of the NCE RK “Atameken” on interaction with oil and gas companies and the development of oilfield services.