General meeting
The General Meeting of the Association members is the supreme governing body of the Association.

The competence of the General Meeting of the Association Members of includes:
  1. adoption, introduction of amendments and additions to the Association's Charter;
  2. decision-making on the admission of new members and the exclusion of members from the Association;
  3. determining the amount of admission and annual membership fees;
  4. election and termination of powers of the Chairman of the Association;
  5. determining the competences, procedure for formation and termination of powers of the Association Council, Executive Committee and other bodies of the Association;
  6. determining the procedure and frequency of presentation of the financial statements of the executive body, as well as the procedure for conducting inspections by the control body and approving their results;
  7. approval of the annual financial statements of the Association;
  8. establishment of branches and opening of representative offices of the Association;
  9. participation in the creation or activity of other legal entities;
  10. decision-making on voluntary reorganization or liquidation of the Association;
  11. approval of the liquidation balance sheet of the Association;
  12. election of the Secretary of the General Meeting of the Association Members;
  13. election and early termination of powers of audit commission members and approval of its regulations;
  14. other issues on which decision-making falls within the competence of the General Meeting of the Association Members, according to the legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Charter and internal documents of the Association.

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