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The Scientific and Technical Council of the KAZENERGY Association is a standing collegiate advisory body that is mainly tasked with facilitating the arrangement and coordination of scientific, technical, innovation, and implementation activities in the Association’s organizations.

The primary goal of establishing the STC is to discuss and identify the most efficient trends of scientific research, design and testing works, and innovative technologies in the oil and gas and energy fields with the aim of assistance and planning, financing, organizing, developing, and practical application in the activities of the companies belonging to the Association.

The STC objectives are as follows:

1. Formation of consolidated expert opinion upon different directions and problems of R&D and innovation technologies development, communicating it to different target groups: government authorities, companies, public, specialists, etc. according to the following criteria:

  • technological efficiency;
  • economic efficiency;
  • area of application;
  • the possibility of mass deployment;
  • prospects of application in Kazakhstan;
  • legal and technological constraints;
  • other.

2. Arrangement and facilitation of activities of the STC working groups on assessing the conduct and implementation of R&D and introduction of innovative projects in the oil and gas and energy industries, in particular, in the field of energy conservation.      

3. Generalization and overall assessment of the use of R&D results and implementation of different innovative technologies in the oil and gas and energy sectors in the energy conservation sphere.

The STC functions

The STC, following the tasks entrusted upon it, carries out the following functions:

  1. Deals with the matters related to defining the scientific and technical policy in the oil and gas and energy spheres and discusses the prospects and problems of R&D and innovation projects efficiency, and practical application of their results;
  2. Reviews the problems of stimulating the improvement of efficiency of R&D and scientific activities, specifically;
  3. Discusses draft regulatory documents in the oil and gas and energy fields related to R&D development, adoption of innovative technologies, and energy conservation, and prepares proposals for inclusion in legislative acts.


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