Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency
Energy saving and energy efficiency are among the key elements of climate policy and improving the competitiveness of the economy. With the development of Kazakhstan's economy, the need for energy resources is constantly growing: Kazakhstan's industries are moving along the path of a constant increase in production volumes, which leads to a natural increase in electricity consumption.

To achieve the goals of reducing energy intensity, in 2012 Kazakhstan adopted the Law "On Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency". The key elements of the energy saving system are the State Energy Register and the Energy Efficiency Map.

According to the Electric Power and Energy Saving Development Institute, the total energy saving potential determined based on the energy audit findings on the measures taken is 4.9 million tons of fuel equivalent (the overall potential is about 17.2 million tons of fuel equivalent). In this context, the energy saving potential is estimated at over 5 billion kWh.
In 2022, Kazakhstan adopted relevant amendments and additions to the Law on improving the energy saving system, which stipulates the following norms:
  1. increased regulation of the budget sector
  2. introduction of new approaches in the field of energy audit
  3. introduction of preventive control without visits
  4. enhanced role of local executive bodies in the implementation of energy saving policy.
The implementation of this Law will allow to significantly reduce energy consumption in industry by an additional 7%, in the public sector by 5% annually.

The country's Strategic Development Plan until 2025 and the Concept for Transition to a Green Economy define the tasks to reduce the energy intensity of the country's GDP by 25% by 2025 and by 50% by 2050 (from the 2008 level).
According to preliminary data from the Bureau of Statistics, by the end of 2019, the energy intensity of GDP was reduced by 33% of the 2008 level, which means that the 2025 indicator was reached ahead of schedule.

The KAZENERGY Association is in the process of preparing legislative amendments and additions to further improve the energy saving and energy efficiency issues.
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