«Student Energy Challenge»

«Dear friends, on behalf of the Association and on my own behalf, I am sincerely glad to welcome all participants of the «Student Energy Challenge» competition. Organization of the competition is very important for us, in the aspect of developing the human capital as one of the significant areas of our activities. I am convinced that this event will permit us to take a fresh look at the development of intellectual skills among young talented students, increase students’ involvement in the process of successful work in the effective team interaction with their peers, exchange experience and demonstrate successfully their innovative developments in solving problems in the energy sector. We are grateful to the Shell for their cooperation. We hope that this project, the present forum, will be remembered by its content and interesting meetings, and will contribute to the promotion of promising ideas and initiatives».

Karabalin Uzakbay
Deputy Chairman of the KAZENERGY Association

«We are proud of our decision to initiate and to finance this competition in partnership with the KAZENERGY Association, since we believe that the future of power engineering is in the hands of the younger generation. They have great ideas, enthusiasm and deep understanding of the challenges faced by the planet and the society. The main one is the global energy dilemma. The quality of the project ideas that we received during the «Student Energy Challenge» was at a high level that demonstrated the talent of the new generation of Kazakhstan. We hope that the experience of taking part in this competition will encourage our participants and many others to develop their ideas and turn them into real solutions».

German Burmeister
Senior Vice President and Country Chair Shell in Kazakhstan

Astana, 17 Kabanbay Batyr ave., block B
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